Tree Selection

  • Fraser Fir

      Dark blue-green color needles 1-1.5" long with a silvery undertone.
      Excellent needle retention and stiff branches. Very popular tree for hanging medium-heavy ornaments.


    • Douglas Fir

        Soft 1-1.5" dark green needles. Medium-strong branches and excellent needle retention. One of the most popular Christmas trees for the last 30 years.


      • Concolor Fir (White Fir)

          Sparsely placed blue-green needles around 1-1.5 inches long with medium-strong branches. This tree has very good needle retention and is popular for its citrus like smell.


        • Canaan Fir

            Soft, short dark green 1" needles and very fragrant. Good needle retention. Medium strength branches.


          • Nordmann Fir

              Needles are medium length and glossy dark green on top and silvery white underneath.
              It has excellent needle retention and has stiff branches for holding heavy ornaments.


            • Blue Spruce

                Short to medium length blue needles with a sharp point on the end
                It has very good needle retention and has stiff branches for holding heavy ornaments.


              • Norway Spruce

                  Often times known as the traditional Christmas Tree it has short dark green needles.
                  The needle retention is fair and this tree should only be displayed for 2-3 weeks after it is cut.


                Pricing Chart

                ***Only trees with price tags are for sale***

                HEIGHT (approx)5′ – 6′6′ – 7′7′ – 8′8′ – 9′9′ – 10′10′ -11′11'-12'
                TAG COLORRedYellowGreenWhitePinkLt. BlueTan
                Blue Spruce - Field 3 & 34$54.00$23.30$999.99N/AAlotN/AN/A
                Korean Fir - Field 1$59.00$66.00$72.00$82.00N/AN/A$25.77
                Fraser Fir - Field 19, 23 & 38$59.00$66.00$72.00$82.00$105.00$123.00$29.99
                Douglas Fir - Field 22 & 39$56.00$60.00$64.00$75.00$90.00$110.00N/A
                Concolor Fir - Field 29$59.00$66.00$72.00$82.00$105.00Limited $56.00Limited $56.00
                Nordmann - Field 1$59.00$66.00$72.00$82.00$105.00Limited $56.00Limited $56.00
                Canaan Fir - Field 38$59.00$66.00$72.00$82.00$105.00$135.00N/A

                Prices include sales tax, tree shaking, tree baling and tree drilling.